Friday, August 19, 2011

Can We Afford Another Norman Conquest?

Michele "Don't Know Much About History" Bachmann makes the Runes again today after a radio interview in which she noted that Americans are worried about "the rise of China, the rise of India, and the rise of the Soviet Union," which would be a pretty neat trick considering the Soviet Union has not existed for 20 years.

Twenty years. Does Bachmann ever read the newspaper? I mean, even if she didn't read the paper the day the USSR broke up into independent countries (December 1991), has she read one since then? Has she looked at a world map in the last couple of decades?

I mean, the last time the Soviet Union existed, Elvis Presley had been dead for 14 years. By the way, happy birthday, Elvis.

I'm one American who isn't worried about the rise of the Soviet Union. However, we should probably keep an eye on the Prussians. For that matter, those sneaky Visigoths should never be counted out either. I've also heard the Babylonians are massing on the Assyrian border. And can we really afford another Norman Conquest?

Of course, to be perfectly fair, I'm guessing 90% of Bachmann's supporters aren't aware the Soviet Union no longer exists either.

* * *

Bachmann went on to say that thanks to the debt-ceiling bill, President Obama is going to "whack $500 billion at a time when we're fighting three wars." She didn't happen to mention that any fighting we're doing these days isn't actually a war and isn't actually necessary.

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