Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Starting the Morning Off Wrong

My clock-radio is set to the local NPR station, and I know I’ve mentioned this before but I can’t freakin stand to hear George Bush’s voice in the morning. It just starts my day off wrong and makes me angry because I know that whatever he says is either going to be a lie or some sort of jingoistic throw-up.

I suppose it’s unrealistic to think that the media might stop putting him on the air until he has something important or intelligent to say.

Anyway, this morning the radio came on and what did I hear but the poor dope blathering on about a “partisan fishing expedition,” which of course is his clever way of describing the Congressional investigation into the politically-based firings of eight federal prosecutors by the Bush flunky Alberto Gonzales. It’s not partisan to terminate qualified prosecutors based on their lack of loyalty to an incompetent president, but it is partisan to investigate those terminations. Got it.

The poor dope also said he’d fight any attempt to subpoena his staff members, but would allow his henchmen Karl Rove and Harriet Miers to be interviewed in private, without a transcript, and not under oath. In other words, you can talk to them, but they have license to lie through their teeth.

What else could we expect from an administration of such fine moral character?

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