Friday, March 09, 2007

Random Thoughts on a Friday in Des Moines

I just caught a glimpse of this Yahoo News headline: “Bush hails biofuels pact in Brazil.”

Well, good for him. Hail away, dumbass. Take a tour of South America and pretend to give a damn about alternate fuels while the blood of Americans and Iraqis is still drying on your hands.

* * *

Wednesday’s Des Moines Register reported that a bill banning discrimination against gay, lesbian, and transgender people has made it out of committee and will proceed to the Iowa Senate.

The story quotes Republican state senator Jerry Behn of Boone, who said “I don't think it's necessary.”

Let’s see. There are a couple of ways to interpret that statement, Jerry. Do you mean “It’s not necessary because I’ll fight to the death to prevent discrimination against any human beings under the laws we already have!”?

Or do you mean “It’s not necessary because I think good Christian folks should be allowed to discriminate against anyone who offends their narrow little minds”?

I’m just asking. The good news is that both houses of the Iowa legislature are controlled by people with a little more on the ball than those who favor discrimination, so this bill should become law easily.

* * *

The Register website has a place for people to post comments anonymously, and while most of the comments on the above story were fairly supportive, there were some half-baked thoughts from a handful of homophobes, including this one:

Ain't it great that something that was classified as a mental illness is now gaining normal status? Funny what $$$, mainstream media, and pandering politicians can get you today.

I’m amazed that someone with that little going on upstairs has the wherewithal to use the serial comma, but that’s where my amazement ends. It’s been 30-odd years since homosexuality was classified as a mental disorder, and an infinite number of years since it actually was one, but here’s a guy who thinks that bribery—as opposed to common sense and empathy—is the reason for the growing acceptance of gay men and women.

Quite a reach you got there, Sport.

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