Friday, August 16, 2013

Maybe You Should See A Doctor About That Blind Spot

I’m always amazed at the number of people who believe that the only thing the government can do right is kill people. Here’s a little example:

Anti-Government Self-Proclaimed Patriot Type: The government can’t do anything right. You really want them screwing up your healthcare? You can’t trust ‘em! They’re incompetent and stupid and they’re stealing your tax dollars to spend on their stupid incompetence! Why, I wouldn’t trust our stupid incompetent government as far as I could throw it! (SFX: DOORBELL) Just a second—someone at the door.

The Government: Hi, we’re starting an unwinnable war over in Turdistan. We’d sure like your support, and in fact we’d like to slap a uniform on your son and send him over to fight.

Anti-Government Self-Proclaimed Patriot Type: Well, hell, yes! Boy, get out here and go with this nice fella! Your country needs you!

I’m not sure how the government one rails against in one sentence suddenly becomes infallible when it comes to killing the inhabitants of other countries, but from what I’ve seen there’s not a big overlap between the anti-government and anti-war camps. It’s kind of the same thing with capital punishment: They might be “stupid, incompetent, etc,” but if the government determines that some prisoner deserves to be executed, our self-proclaimed patriots would be more than happy to throw the switch.

So, then, just to make sure I’m clear: The government is always wrong except when it’s killing people who frighten you? Got it.

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