Monday, February 26, 2007

Please Strap Your Explosives Somewhere Else

I really should just devote this blog to some of the silly comments I run across online. I can’t think of a better way to ensure daily updates.

Case in point: There’s a story on today about an upcoming documentary produced by James Cameron and making the claim that construction workers in Jerusalem have uncovered a burial vault containing Jesus and his family. Yeah, that Jesus. Cameron says his evidence for this claim includes DNA tests, which is pretty silly in its own right. (“Your honor, I intend to prove that the DNA taken from the corpse’s shoulder matches the DNA taken from the same corpse’s foot.”)

Anyway. There was a comments section following the story, and I only made it about a tenth of the way through before realizing that it was just going turn into a shoving match between believers and non-believers. However, I read long enough to find this gem (quoted here verbatim, spelling and all), from a reader named John:

I’ve already advised the Discovery Channel that if they air this I will cancel my subscription....they should be lucky that I don’t strap explosives around my waste.

This gives new meaning to the phrase “a shitstorm of controversy,” doesn’t it?

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